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No New Posts Clef

The beginning. Here is where you venture for the basics of the sites including rules and up-datable lists of any kind.

Moderator: Crescent ♪

Sub-boards: Master Character List, Sign-Up Lists, Announcements and Feedback, Absences, Activity Checks

24 58 2019 Three from Hell Streaming Cinema โดยไม่ต้องดาวน์โหลด
by gleevesmanlabeds
Jan 7, 2020 22:45:17 GMT -5
No New Posts Dynamics

This is where the profile applications will be posted. The outline will be in here as well. Once you are approved a staff member will move your application to the appropriate section, but until then you cannot role play.

Sub-boards: Accepted Tones, Accepted Composers, Accepted Beats, Accepted Specials

38 81 Remus Eli Irving
by Seion
Jul 14, 2011 3:58:14 GMT -5
No New Posts Activity

This is your first stop after getting accepted. Once you're accepted come here, fill out the activity template, and then feel free to roam the site as you please!

18 18 mágneskapcsolat Hologram a királynak hogyan lehet letölteni
by gleevesmanlabeds
Jan 7, 2020 22:51:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Form

Here is where you can plot with your fellow site members. Within you can create character pages and request certain plotting.

Sub-boards: Want Ads, Character Journals, Skills and Spells, Inventory

8 17 Festival~!
by Marcus
May 15, 2011 18:00:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Dissonance

Here's where you can chat about anything. Inside you'll also find the crack board.

Sub-board: Crack Board

6 31 تشتري العطر افون ‎,‎ فل-سبيد-ادرينالين ‎-‎ السعوديه
by mehydciadufor
Mar 1, 2019 7:19:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Dirge

Here is where all inactive or dead threads will be moved to. If you ever want a dead thread revived you can ask a staff member to move it back for you.

Sub-boards: OOC Threads, Inactive Thread, Completed Thread, Old Profiles

47 246 Paper Trail [Terra, Open]
by Riku Replica
Jan 24, 2011 16:34:51 GMT -5

Bass District

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No New Posts Echoing Rhapsody

At the heart of the Bass District is Echoing Rhapsody. It connects all of the businesses within. While Simplistic Melody has an overwhelmingly, but understandably, large amount of Bass tones, in Echoing Rhapsody, one could find a decent amount tones from the other districts.

4 11 (Argentina, Spanien) The Angel 2018 Stream film uden at downloade og registrere
by tayloletecon
Aug 7, 2019 7:35:46 GMT -5
No New Posts Resonating Interlude

Here's where the residents of Bass District live. They resemble their typically shady nature, often appearing as if they are run down and old. Unlike those in the other districts, many of them do not focus on making their homes "pretty" since they are rarely there.

Sub-boards: Apt#8 - Axel, Apt #13 - Thanatos, Apt #171 Wall-Flower, Apt #317 - Rhapsodos, Apt #326 - Mikoto

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No New Posts Minor Recital

This, at a first glance, appears to be your normal grocery store. If one were to know the "keyword" of the week, they would be able to unlock its hidden tresures. It acts as a "black market" for the residents of Symphony.

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No New Posts Harmonic Falsetto

Right next to the bar is the gentleman's club, Harmonic Falsetto. There, men participate in parlor games, including card games, as well as mingling with others. It's a nice place to relax to get away from a nagging wife or girlfriend seeing as how access to the club is restricted to a few.

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No New Posts Simplistic Medley

For those in the Bass district going to the bar is as common as going to the store. It's the best place for all sorts of people to meet incognito as well. With how shady the Bass District is in general, most have learned not to ask too many questions, especially when stuck in a room of (possibly drunken) armored mercenaries.

4 7 2018 år hur man tittar på film online Fantastiska vidunder: Grindelwalds brott utan konto
by gleevesmanlabeds
Jan 7, 2020 22:39:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Haunted Mansion

Old and decrepit as it is, this old mansion has become one of the more stereotypical places that Strings would make fun of Bass for, not that they would dare ever go near it. They say that something went mad inside there and killing the mansion's previous owners and that something still haunts the mansion today.

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Percussion District

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No New Posts Smashing Dynamics

This lively town square sits on the edges of Percussion, but is considered part of the hustle and bustle that characterizes that district. Many performances are put on here and all about there are jovial faces.

3 19 (ABD, İngiltere) Online Ücretsiz Film Anomalisa 2015
by tayloletecon
Aug 7, 2019 7:48:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Polyphony Center

This is the greatest mall around with just about anything you could think of. Two stories of stores and there isn't a thing within that you can't find if you need it. Probably one of the most popular locations in the city.

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No New Posts Capriccio Arcade

Need a someplace to have a great time on short notice? No place better to go than the arcade! Enjoy the zany tabletop video games, take a chance at foosball, or even play an infuriating game of air hockey. Who knows? You may even win enough tickets to bring home a prize.

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No New Posts Modulation Motif

'The Motif' for short, this location is a charming little cyber cafe. There are five open computers lined up against the far corner and the walls are decorated in 'steam-punk' styled items. The employees are all required to dress up in the same style.

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No New Posts Musicology Movement

Instructional? Hell no! Musicology Movement is all about moving to the beat and letting your guard down, even if only for a night. This popular night club serves the best drinks and opens from sunset to sunrise, so screw work for a day and have some fun!

4 5 2016 سنة 720p Mindhorn مع مشاهدة الفرعية على الإنترنت في الموقع
by tayloletecon
Aug 7, 2019 7:28:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Binary Animato

Even into the night, tones from the Percussion District are lively. A distinct tune could be heard throughout the night, but it's far from frightening. It has an inviting feel to it, as if subtly urging the lively tones to rest up for the day to come.

Sub-boards: Apt #104 - Sakuraba, Apt #107 - Cahal, Apt #212 - Lunette, Apt #216 - Artyn, Apt #314 - Replica, Apt #323 - Kiel, Apt #407 - Scherzo

2 12 السعوديه‎,‎ ديور ‎,‎ دون بسعر مخفض يبيع العطور
by mehydciadufor
Mar 1, 2019 6:57:12 GMT -5

The Sanctuary

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No New Posts Main Entrance

The Sanctuary lies within the heart of Symphony and is surrounded by regal looking gates. The entrance is a marble paved walkway with great trees on each side. To each side there are open areas with benches where one might have a picnic.

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No New Posts Prelude

This section of the school is at the very front. It is known as Prelude because all of the students who come into the school find themselves spending the beginning of their experience almost entirely within it.

Sub-boards: The Lounge, The Offices, Harmonic Library, Wellness Center

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by tayloletecon
Aug 7, 2019 7:38:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Northern Sector

This is the northernmost sector of the Sanctuary and it is home to most of the Tonal's classrooms. Many students complain about how the northern sector is the most boring.

Sub-boards: The Lecture Hall, The History Classroom, The Planetarium, The Study Hall

7 17 Full Cinema 사남 테리 카삼 2016 품질 720P보기
by gleevesmanlabeds
Jan 7, 2020 22:48:23 GMT -5
No New Posts Southern Sector

The southern sector of the school is known for being a place of relaxation. In this area of the Sanctuary you will find the cafeteria and a few other pleasant places that are a great break from all that learning.

Sub-boards: The Cafeteria, The Mess Hall, Legato Gardens

4 9 magnet Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk 2016 Full HD
by gleevesmanlabeds
Jan 7, 2020 22:54:28 GMT -5
No New Posts Crystal Room

This bare room with cascading ceilings once held the crystal that all of Symphony counted on. After the crystal shattered it became a somewhat unstable place to be, as if the ghosts of the first four magicians could still somehow be within. After much consideration it was determined that this room should only be used for rituals, namely the Dimensional Requiem and and Etude challenges.

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No New Posts Western Dorms

Within the western section of the sanctuary are one of the two sets of dorms. This collection of dorms are located in the towers, so there are many different levels on which the students may live.

Sub-board: Dorm #1 - Randell

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No New Posts Eastern Dorms

Far on the other side of the Sanctuary at the second set of dorms. These dorms are located all located on the ground level, though they are the only ones where there can be co-ed roommates.

Sub-board: Dorm #8 - Lea, Ven

3 3 از کجا فیلم حیات را بدون ثبت نام تماشا کنید
by tayloletecon
Aug 7, 2019 7:42:36 GMT -5
No New Posts Energico Arena

This is the most recent addition to the school and was created specifically for all of the trans-dimensional students. In the arena there are sometimes tournaments of games like Blitzball or other special games the students brought with them. When not being used for that, the students often take it upon themselves to hone their fighting skills there.

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String District

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No New Posts Grazioso Attire

There is absolutely no second-hand, faded-look about this store. The pristine clothing is known to be the forefront of fashion and the price-tag is enough to make you really believe it. If you leave this store, you don't leave before getting a professional fitting with the very talented tailors.

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No New Posts Ambroscherzo

Five stars and many awards decorate this restaurant with gossip and magnificence. Remarkable service and delectable meals call for a heavy price, however, and reservations should be made far in advance if you even want a chance to get in.

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No New Posts Concerto Gallery

Without art, there is no life. Strings pride themselves on their brilliant artists' work and Concerto Gallery is the most decadent place they could create to house such pieces. Marble floors, high arch ceilings, and stunning framing. Concerto Gallery is where artists dream of having their work shown.

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No New Posts Scordatura

The absolute finest musical intrument instruction facility in the city. Strict teachers and expensive equipment are abound, and not one student leaves these halls without perfecting some instrument.

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No New Posts Lord's Overture

Stately mansions lined with emerald lawns and onyx gates give off the rich flashy vibe of this housing addition. One must have a very deep wallet to afford a home such as these.

Sub-board: Alexandros Manor

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Soprano District

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No New Posts Cantabile Cafe

The Cantabile is the Soprano's largest, busiest, yet surprisingly laid back cafe. It draws the most customers, but still always gives off the vibe of never being busy. All drinks at the Cantabile are organically grown in the district and made right there in the store.

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No New Posts Klangfarbenmelodie Market

The big market of the Soprano District. The stalls are set up in clusters and each vendor has their own all natural products on display. Residents outside of the Soprano District have difficulty saying "Klangfarbenmelodie"

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No New Posts Impromptu Adagio

Founded around a natural hot spring is the relaxation spa and treatment center. This is the place to go for down-to-earth methods to melt the stress away and keep your body in top condition.

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No New Posts Pastoral Fields

This is the pride of the Soprano District. Just outlying the district is the expansive fields where the Sopranos grow their products. Due to their being in tune with the planet, anything can be grown here, even out of season.

1 7 Happenings -Hem, Kiev-
by Zadaxtrina Wall-Flower
May 27, 2011 7:06:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Natural Refrain

Overlooking the entire district is the immense and ancient tree. Built upon its many branches are the homes of the Sopranos, but not only above the ground, but below in the roots of the tree are homes as well.

Sub-boards: Apt #11 - Viho, Apt #19 - Selah, Apt #772 - Kanashimi

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A Piacere District

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No New Posts Ballade Square

This grand square was commemorated in honor of the first four mages. It is said that their bodies were lain to rest deep below the square after they gave all their mana to the crystal.

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No New Posts Maestoso Way

This long holy walkway leads towards the shrine in the center of the district. When it is festival time this way is crowded with booths and vendors, giving the whole way a stunning illumination even at night.

1 6 Great Mage Festival [O]
by Laguna Loire
Jun 1, 2011 19:28:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Sereno Shrine

This grand shrine is where, once a year, people of Symphony honor the four great mages with performances and beautiful creations through the arts.

5 10 Film Online Shaun das Schaf – Der Film 2015 Auf Youtube
by gleevesmanlabeds
Jan 7, 2020 22:57:31 GMT -5
No New Posts Fanfare Field

This beautiful field is usually the quietest place in the district, save the day of the festival when fireworks are lit off and everyone gathers here to watch.

4 9 שנת 2017 קולוסאל סרטים באיכות הטובה ביותר 720p
by gleevesmanlabeds
Jan 7, 2020 22:30:08 GMT -5


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